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Liberating you to visit attractions with your own pace

No worries about being late or missing the explanations,take your time and wonder, take photos, ...

Where ever, when ever, which ever, how ever

While walking, sitting, photographing. In the hotel, on the way, in the plane, on the bus. In the morning, at night, in any hour you choose this guide will narrate what ever you feel like listening too.Pause the tracks, listen later. Just be sure to truly discover Iran with Iran audio guide.

  • Visiting tips

    Iran audio guide will provide you with tips for visiting every attraction, maps and all you need to know about modern Iran

  • Attraction guide

    Iran audio guide will guide you step by step in every attraction. Advising you at what to look at and details not to miss

  • History

    Iran audio guide tell you Iran’s millenniums of history, historic stories, wars, victories and envasions

  • Significant figures

    Iran audio guide will open up the story and achievements of Kings, poets, scientist and other significant people for you

  • Persian stories

    Iran audio guide allows you to listen to famous persian myth tails, the great love stories, even the historic gossips, scandals of Persia

  • Art & Architecture

    Iran audio guide will explain the unique techniques and methods of Iranian architecture and crafts with images

Who we are?

The Iran Audio Guide appication has been created by a dedicated team with a combination of experties. We always feel obligied to present the highest standard in all aspects of our work

Mona Akhlaghi
Mona Akhlaghi

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Soroosh Ansari Mehr
Danial Babadi Yousefi
Danial Babadi Yousefi
Tayebeh Pourmand
Tayebeh Pourmand
Sina Zandi
Sina Zandi
Alireza Motaghi
Audio Editor
Alireza Motaghi